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A unique service that helps small businesses grow and maximize their profits. The operation of small businesses not only drives the economy, but helps many entrepreneurs realize their dreams. These businesses can be very difficult for many.

Profit Plot realizes that most small businesses are created by individuals with skills in a particular service or industry; these individuals are rarely trained in the operation of a business. These talented individuals spent years and even decades mastering their trade. Once they master their skill, they go into business without business training. Rarely is that plan successful, and it is never easy. Profit Plot can help and make this transition easier and successful.

Profit Plot incorporates effective systems supported by simple-to-use effective custom software made for your business. You will have a system and support at your fingertips. Every successful journey starts with a single step. You take the first step and we will be there for the rest of the way.


Profit Plot offers the following affordable services. We encourage you to get started with the commitment level best suited to your needs.

The Vault

Imagine how much more efficient and effective you and your staff could be if you didn't have filing cabinets and stacks of papers. Imagine all your documents such as emails, faxes, snail mail, phone messages, photos, text messages,statements, invoices, etc were available on your mobile device. You now can operate from wherever you are efficiently.

We understand the power of this single ability for any business and developedthe Vault to get you on your way to the use of a fully digital platform.

Start uploading your information today to your own secure tentate on the cloud. Enjoy ease of use and peace of mind. Knowing your information is secure and readily available for you and your staff anywhere you have internet access.

Sign up today for $99.00 initiation and $199.00 per month.

Service includes

  • 30 minutes of training
  • Up to 5 users
  • 2 terabytes of storage

The Vault Plus

This service also includes:

  • 5 hours of professional consulting with our business success team.
  • Development of a strategic plan to effectively support and advance the business operations through the use of custom support software customized to your business.

Cost is $3500.00 initiation and $1,495.00 monthly fee

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About Us

Founded by Steve Garner and John Phillips 30 years ago. First brought together to develop a bidding program for a very niche industry, they continued to use their unique experience and insights to develop many business systems that have helped many small business owners to be successful.

Their intelligent and simple approach is appreciated by entrepreneurs nationwide. These entrepreneurs thrive with a little direction and support from Profit Plot's systems and software.

Profit Plot is driven to help you succeed. We are your biggest fan!!!!!

Success Stories

Mikel Castillo

Seven years ago we purchased a struggling business. With the help of Profit Plot, we were able to achieve a growth in sales of 400%, and we successfully executed that increased amount of work with 20% less employees.

Profit Plot helped me make my business amazing.

- Mikel Castillo, President of Willet Hauser/Associated Crafts Stained Glass